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Hi, I'm Emily. These are the things that make me smile. I hope you do too.

These are some things that you might like to know…. I was not born in a hospital. I lived in a hotel in Denmark for third grade. I now live on a farm that “grows” paintballs, golf balls, blackberries and cherries. I work in a hippie health food store. I have never had a shot. I have matching scars on my ankles and knees because I am a rock star. I have never bought a Halloween costume. I collect keys, the majority of which are to the sewers of Spotsylvania, Virginia. I have been to both of my namesakes; one is a desert, the other - a city. I am German, Irish, Danish, Czech, Slovak, Norwegian, Russian, Australian, and Colombian. I have two beds. One is a racecar; it does not have a mattress, and is filled with fabric. I have never seen “Titanic.” I know my way around New York better than I know my way around my home town. I have jumped down an elevator shaft. I can operate power tools that should never be allowed in my hands. I have no pulse in my neck and my heartbeat is not rhythmic. I am allergic to the antibiotics that should make me better. I can make a cup out of 20 dollars. I was a Purdue cheerleader at the age of four. I own a sari and a kimono; and I know how to tie both properly. I have made a teapot, an iPod, a mermaid, a neuron, Clifford, a beer mug and a Blue-Eyes White Dragon out of cake. I was raised by hippies to be a hippie. Oh, and I lie a lot.


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I just bought an adorable 1950’s chiffon petticoat for the dress I’m making. Yay for saving 1000s of hours in gathering stitches! And it was only $13.00!!!!! I fucking love ebay. 

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